Bricks famous Avengers Burger is back

Now pure vegan version available: mushroom pattie, all vege mix.

4 sliders with fries. Each slider is the size of your fist.


Options Burger 1 burger 2 burger 3 burger 4
medley mix chicken fish Oriental vege mix mushroom
Vegan Mushroom Mushroom Oriental vege mix Oriental vege mix
Ovo vegetarian Egg McMuffin Egg McMuffin Oriental Vege Mix Mushroom
Fish lover Fish Fish Fish Fish
Chicken lover Chicken Chicken Chicken Chicken
Fish chicken lover Chicken Chicken Fish Fish
Mushroom lover Mushroom Mushroom Mushroom mushroom

Fully vegan option (no meat, no eggs, no milk). Bread made with self raising flour (no yeast).

Avenger Slider buns

All vegetable & Mushroom patty




Avenger Burger Set designed with the promise that no animals need die for our food.

350 Joo Chiat Road Singapore 427598


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